• liquid aluminum distribution bag  combo bag glass fiber woven

    liquid aluminum distribution bag combo bag glass fiber woven

    In order to improve the quality of ingot and expand the stability of some alloy production, a large number of automatic casting machines are used in aluminum processing and casting to realize automatic and mechanized casting production technology, which is the inevitable trend of gradually replacing manual casting production.
  • Automatic Movable Refing Truck

    Automatic Movable Refing Truck

    It is a certain flow of inert gas (nitrogen or argon) or mixed gas (argon-chlorine or nitrogen-chlorine gas body) into the molten aluminum, through a rotating rotor or pipe of the gas into the molten aluminum into tiny bubbles, and uniformly diffused in the liquid aluminum. Hydrogen in molten aluminum is constantly diffused into inert gas bubbles, and as the gas bubbles rise to the surface of molten aluminum, the purpose of removing hydrogen and slag is achieved.
  • Alumina Lining Brick

    Alumina Lining Brick

    Widely used in ball mill and pipeline as wear-resistance lining.
  • Alumina Fine Powder

    Alumina Fine Powder

    Alumina fine powder is made from low sodium calcined alumina powder through grinding and deep processing.
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