• US sanction threat on Russian President puts Aughinish alumina refinery’s jobs at risk

    Foreign Affairs Minister Simon Coveney has reportedly put an alert that the threat of sanctions on Russia’s President Vladimir Putin could take a toll on Rusal’s Aughinish Alumina refinery, Europe’s largest bauxite refinery, in County Limerick. Aughinish Alumina refinery employs nearly 900 peopl...
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  • Average alumina spot price in China closes at RMB 3,305/t; A00 aluminium ingot price grows by RMB 70/t

    On Thursday, February 17, the average alumina spot price in China has remained unchanged to close at RMB 3,305 per tonne, found the Shanghai Metals Market. For the same day in Shandong and Henan the price has remained restrained to peg at RMB 3,300 per tonne and RMB 3,320 per tonne. The average ...
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  • When should the alumina balls be replaced?

    How to judge the activated alumina ball needs to be replaced?It can be seen from the following points: 1, see whether the activated alumina ball discoloration, yellow; 2, see whether the service life is more than two years, if more than two years should be replaced in time; 3, look at the treatme...
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  • How is the alumina ball formed?

    1.  Extrusion method Extrusion forming of alumina ceramic ball is currently the same kind of ceramic ball in the lower grade, but also a large output of a forming method, generally used to form the following aluminum ceramic ball or clay ball.This kind of porcelain ball sintering temperature is l...
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